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4 Horned Sheep Ranch is owned and operated by Mark Stevens.

The Ranch was established in 2007 derived from Mark's bow hunting excursions in the South.

While hunting , Mark was exposed to many types of exotic sheep not readily found in the Midwestern States.

He began looking for a unique breed and decided on The Four-Horned Haired Sheep. Mark found a ranch in Spokane, WA and purchased a small herd.


Today, 4 Horned Sheep Ranch offers a variety of the exotic species for LIVE SALES to stock your hunting ranch. There is a full range of colors, both Ram and Ewe, to choose from.

There are several unique horn sizes and configurations on these beautiful trophys.

They also come in a full range of colors, both Ram and Ewe.

They have excellent meat characteristics and are naturally low in fat.


You could also purchase these exotic animals with the plans of raising your own trophy Ram.

The lamb Ewes could also make good hobby projects for your children to raise on your farm


Regardless of why you want to purchase these beautiful Four -Horned Haired Sheep, you'll want to check out our pictures of our current stock offered.